Answers to some Frequently Asked Questions

How does MyScoutLink work? MyScoutLink is a powerful, easy-to-use web-based system for scout leaders to manage their scouts and schedules.

What do scout leaders do with their accounts? Scout leaders define who is in each of their groups (you can manage as many troops, dens, packs, and groups as you like) and set schedules, which are then made available to the members of the appropriate scouting groups. Gone are the days of the event coordinator calling everyone when schedules change - MyScoutLink now handles this for you automatically.

What is the benefit for MyScoutLink scouts and group members? In addition to receiving automatic reminders for events, scouts and group members get their own login, where they can participate in the activities you would like them to. All group members can update their own profile information and attendance, as well as communicate with each other and with other scouts using the Forum.

How is MyScoutLink different from an email distribution list? MyScoutLink saves the back-and-forth banter from clogging your inbox. Group members are given all the information they need automatically - if they want to banter, they have the Forum. Plus, with a web-based calendar, it's easy for scouts to see all upcoming events at a glance.

What makes MyScoutLink special? MyScoutLink is a user-friendly application built specifically to help scouting organizations. Our goal is to make your job as the Scout leader easy with a web application that's fast, effective, and powerful.

How many Scouts can a leader manage? A Group Leader can manage as many scouts and groups as he or she would like to manage.

How much does MyScoutLink cost? Prices are all-inclusive of all of features we offer. There is no upsell - our pricing is based only on the number of contacts you add.

ContactsMonthly Subscription
3,001+0.5 cents/contact ($0.005/contact)

Unlimited emailing, surveys, contact data, websites, advancement, multi-user logins, and much more!

How many groups can a scout be in? A scout can be in as many groups as he or she would like. MyScoutLink will automatically provide a single account that the member can use to access all of his or her groups at once.

How do automatic email reminders work? Email reminders are sent before every event to all the members of the group (you determine the timing of these reminders), at which point members will respond with whether or not they can attend the event. All of this is designed to be automatic, so that the Group Leader does not need to expend any additional effort coordinating the group.

Can I download my schedule? Yes, schedules can be downloaded in vCalendar or iCalendar format for easy integration into everyone's calendar software (Outlook, Palm, Google Calendar, etc).

What information do members receive in their emails? Automatically-sent emails to your members provide you with peace of mind that your scouting group will know what's happening. Emails have a link to confirm whether or not the member will attend the event, so you get a head-count early. If you provide a Zip code with the location of the event, the predicted weather for the event will be included in the email. Also included with every email is a link to the Member Login, so scouts and group members can easily access their schedules, get maps to event locations, review rosters, and post messages in the forum. MyScoutLink automatic emails stimulate the kind of involvement that most scouting organizations only dream about.

Why do some images I upload into my account not change? In order to properly use MyScoutLink, you need to ensure your browser does not store images and pages in your cache. In Internet Explorer, the best way to do this is to go to Tools - Internet Options - General, click on the Settings button under Temporary Internet Files, and select the button for "Every visit to the page".

How much does MyScoutLink cost? MyScoutLink is available for a very low monthly subscription based on the number of contacts in your account. Plans start at $4.95/month for up to 50 contacts and include unlimited emailing, events, surveys, forums, and much more.

Why do all accounts require a password to log in? MyScoutLink is dedicated to protecting the privacy of the members in each scouting organization. Personal information is closely guarded.

Do I need to download anything to use MyScoutLink? No - MyScoutLink is entirely web-based.

Which web browsers can I use with MyScoutLink? MyScoutLink has been tested with Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and 8 (it works much better with IE8 and we strongly recommend the upgrade to IE8), Firefox 3, Safari. Be sure you have the latest version of your web browser, as MyScoutLink uses cutting edge technology to bring you state-of-the-art Scout management. For the best user experience, we strongly recommend your screen resolution be at least 1024 pixels wide.

How do you safeguard the information stored in the MyScoutLink account? First, we will never sell, distribute, or share any specific personal information about you or your Scout without asking your permission FIRST (and no, we won't bury that permission in fine print). Secondly, we realize that your personal information should be kept that way and have endeavored to create the most secure system, with state of the art firewall protection and very restricted access (each account is in its own database, separate from all others). Lastly, we will always communicate with registered Scout leaders when we have major upgrades or maintenance being done to the system. All members of MyScoutLink can elect to be on our mailing list.

Sign up for an account and see for yourself how MyScoutLink can help your scouting group today!