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Contacts Manager / CRM

Website Builder

Project Manager

Want to get a quick overview of what we do? Watch our introductory video here

Communicate - Our powerful email and text messaging tools are simple to use and are also available on our mobile platform (useful if you want to be able to view events and send messages to everyone on your team from your PDA or web-enabled phone). Watch the video

Calendar - This is a calendar of events and a location manager working together to make an easy system for viewing the Group's schedule at a glance. Manage your attendance and registration and any payment collection for events from one convenient location. Watch the video

Contacts - Your Troop's membership is managed on this screen. You can make scouts active and inactive (if a scout won't be active for the session/term), manage any payments, and view a member's detailed information all on one screen here. You can manage multiple groups here, also, making it easy to organize as many troops, dens, and packs as you like.

Advancement - Keep track of ranks, merit badges, try-its, and any kind of advancement for all of your scouts. See who is working on what with the click of a mouse - perfect for managing and tracking all of your scouts' progress! Watch the video

Forum - This is where you manage the online communication system between your scouts.

Projects - Manage your projects, from fundraisers to coordinating big events, you'll always know what's going on.

Surveys - Build web-based surveys to get feedback from your scouts and community.

Media - You can store files, pictures, and video here. Each media piece can be stored in an album or be associated with an event, and permission is given for access to logged-in scouts, registered supporters, or the general public.

Website - Every Troop, Pack, Den, and related group can have a public website to promote what you are doing. As the Scout Leader, you control what is shown on the website's calendar, information about scouting, public news and comments.

Storefront - Sell items and receive donations with our integrated store manager. Categorize what you want to sell, set sales goals, and analyze reports all in one convenient location. Store setup is usually done in under 5 minutes.