Synchronous Technologies Incorporated

Building the Team Network of Tomorrow with

Synchronous Technologies is dedicated to building state-of-the-art software to help people manage their groups and teams. As part of the network, we use the latest software, hardware, and databases to help you and your colleagues save time and money through effective team management:

Alumni groups

Bands and music groups

Taverns, pubs, and social nights out

Charities and non-profits

Classrooms, teachers, administrators, PTAs

School clubs and special interest groups

Diving clubs and trips

Event organizers

Homeowners/Condo Associations

Extended families and friend networks

Martial arts teachers, classes, and studios

Networking and professional groups

Medical practices

Religious organizations, churches, study groups

Scouting organizations and groups

Shows and event coordinators

Social events and parties

Sports teams and leagues

General teams and groups

Corporate teams and groups

Personal and athletic trainers

Wine connoisseurs and tasting groups

Yoga instructors and studios

One important thing to note - any account you set up in any of these portals gives you the ability to create any of these kinds of teams.

A proud member of the teamr network of team management sites: